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We harness exosomes to deliver precise, multi-specific medicines.

Multi-Specific Exosomes - a new therapeutic paradigm to tackle complex diseases

Exosomes are powerful nano-messengers that comprise nature’s cellular communication network. Our vision at Mantra Bio is that exosomes have tremendous potential to become a significant, next-generation therapeutic modality when engineered. Using state-of-the-art synthetic biology approaches, we can program therapeutic exosome vehicles (TEVs) to engage multiple disease pathways simultaneously with the right potency and selectivity for each target pathway.

Exosome therapeutics powered by REVEAL™

Mantra Bio is the creator of REVEAL™, the world’s leading exosome engineering platform that combines AI/ML computational biology and synthetic biology to rapidly design and develop exosome therapeutics. REVEAL has accelerated the development of a diverse pipeline in areas such as ophthalmology and infectious diseases.

Target discovery enabled by computational biology

We identify novel targets using data science and machine-learning with our proprietary database of human exosome-to-cell-to-tissue OMICs data.

Engineered, Chimeric TEVs

We leverage an advanced exosome engineering platform to display multi-specific, multi-valent, and multi-modal proteins on the exosome surface to target multiple disease pathways simultaneously.

Automated screening in living systems

We rapidly screen TEV candidates through cell-based assays and in vivo animal models to optimize selectivity, potency, and efficacy.

We’re looking for extraordinary people to join us.

We’re looking for extraordinary people to join us.