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We harness exosomes to deliver safe, highly targeted medicines.

Therapeutic exosomes - a new paradigm for drug delivery

Exosomes are powerful nano-messengers that comprise nature’s cellular communication network. After decades of scientific discovery, exosomes are being harnessed to form a new class of biologics, exosome therapeutics, enabling unprecedented targeted delivery of therapeutic agents. Importantly, exosome therapeutics have been shown to be safe in many human trials.

Exosome therapeutics powered by REVEAL™

Mantra Bio is the creator of REVEAL™, an exosome engineering platform combining computational biology and lab automation to generate therapeutic exosome vehicles (TEVs) for a broad set of therapeutic areas.

Target discovery enabled by computational biology

We identify novel targets using data science and machine-learning with our proprietary database of human exosome-to-cell-to-tissue OMICs data.

Bioengineered, drug-loaded TEVs

We use advanced exosome engineering methods to display targeting proteins on the exosome surface for tissue specificity and to load TEVs with therapeutic agents such as proteins, nucleic acids, and small molecules.

Automated screening in living systems

We rapidly screen TEV candidates through cell-based assays and in vivo animal models to measure selectivity and efficacy.

We’re looking for extraordinary people to join us in finding cures.

We’re looking for extraordinary people to join us in finding cures.