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Partner with us

We have a track record of working with top pharmaceutical corporations and leading academic institutions to foster valuable innovation. We are eager to collaborate closely with partners to broaden the impact of our REVEALâ„¢ Exosome Therapeutics platform across a diversity of disease areas.

Multiple Avenues to Collaborate

We are dedicated to developing targeted exosome therapies and are seeking core partnerships to accelerate their development and enable their commercialization. Contact us to discuss opportunities to work closely with our team of world-class exosome scientists, engineers, and data scientists.

Research collaborations

Collaborate with Mantra to explore how REVEAL can make an impact on your drug development pipeline.

REVEALâ„¢ Platform & Technology access

Engage in licensing opportunities of Mantra Bio’s patented library of Therapeutic Exosome Vehicles (TEVs) for drug delivery towards specific targets.

Co-development opportunities

Co-develop with Mantra Bio to bring best-in-class medicines to patients.

Who you are

We are excited to collaborate with companies with deep indication expertise and complementary capabilities in regenerative medicine, metabolic and cardiovascular disorders, rare diseases, neurodegenerative disease, and more.

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