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Our Science and Technology

What are exosomes?

All cells release extracellular vesicles and exosomes as part of their normal physiology and during acquired abnormalities. Depending on the cell of origin, exosomes can contain many cell constituents, including DNA, RNA, lipids, metabolites, and cell-surface proteins. Exosomes have been shown to drive inter-cellular communication by binding to specific tissues and deploying their contents, thereby altering biological function.

Mantra Bio is harnessing the natural exosome pathway to generate engineered Therapeutic Exosome Vehicles (TEVs) through our REVEAL™ Platform.

Our exosome engineering platform: REVEAL™

A dry lab to wet lab loop for TEV design, testing, and iteration.

At the heart of REVEAL™ lies a powerful dry lab-to-wet lab interface that drives the discovery of first-in-class medicines at unprecedented speeds. By leveraging rational design and cutting-edge technology in computation, robotics, and bioengineering, Mantra Bio is building next-generation therapies that can solve some of the most intractable diseases.

Scalable Manufacturing

A key pillar at Mantra Bio is the development of a robust, scalable bioprocess capable of meeting the rigorous standards of product quality and quantity necessary for the clinic. From the company’s inception, we have invested significant resources to bring together novel and traditional biologics manufacturing technologies to produce exosomes reproducibly, at a high purity. Our manufacturing process is scale-up compatible up to 2,000L.

We take pride in developing state-of-the-art exosome characterization technologies to deepen our understanding of our exosome products and to ensure safety and potency of every formulation.

Therapeutic applications

Mantra Bio is developing a pipeline of exosome therapeutics in undisclosed disease areas. Stay tuned for exciting announcements.